Roswell, extraterrestrial!

Roswell’s famous event may be extraterrestrial but this small town has plenty of fun earthbound experiences too. The city have something for everyone from nature lovers, foodies to golfers.

Things to Do in and Around Roswell

Living at The Residences @ 2801 means you’re just moments away from some of Roswell’s best attractions, shopping, and dining experiences.

Roswell UFO Festival

Dive into the intriguing history of Roswell’s famous UFO incident.

Golf Galore

Bring your clubs and hit the green! Roswell has three golf courses to choose from – Nancy Lopez Golf Course at Spring River, New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI) Golf Course, and Roswell Country Club.

Local Dining Places

Savor delicious Mexican cuisine, relish in a variety of Asian-inspired dishes, enjoy hearty steaks or authentic Mediterranean flavors.